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        Horizontal biomass hot water boiler



        產品特點介紹 Features of the product introduction

                Our biomass pellet boiler is base on the foreign advanced  technology, we redesign it according to the actual situation in China. The boiler using the Three return water wall tube, and threaded pipe structure, we set up the twice and triple air blow system, it can making the biomass fuel Half a gasification combustion, with this way we can save much cost of the burning Biomass pellet boiler can save more cost of you, it can save more than 40% - 60% cost of the electric boiler, fuel oil boiler and gas boiler,Save 5% -10% running cost than coal, the heat energy is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving environmental protection equipment.


        用途介紹 The purpose

                Can using for the spinning, printing and dyeing, papermaking, foodstuff, rubber industry, plastic industry, chemical industry, medicine industry and some industry products which need the hot water. It can also offer the air-condition hot water and high quality sanitary hot water for the company, office, hotel, school, eatery and service trades.


        臥式(常壓)熱水鍋爐技術參數 Technical parameters of horizontal (ordinary pressure) biomass hot water boiler

        臥式(承壓)熱水鍋爐技術參數 Technical parameters of horizontal (pressure-bearing) biomass hot water boiler


        PS: Our company always improve the products, if something is change in a hurry, we can't show it in our catalogue, thanks for your understanding.


        安裝示意圖 Installation Instruction


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